GMTS Newsletter: It's Chews-day

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It’s Tuesday. Which is unlike Monday, in that it’s less hated, but unlike Wednesday, in that is doesn’t have a cool Staples commercial about it.

It’s also the day my Mama pronounces “Chews-day.”

But this Tuesday is different. This is the Tuesday we start with a whole bunch of nothing.

-Will Smith’s son Jaden spouted off on Twitter about the state of US education and how school is brainwashing America’s youth. Let’s take this bit by bit.

1. He is 15. His brain’s frontal lobes are not yet connected.

2. The school he eschews would have taught him that You Do Not Need To Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence.

3. He generally appears a bit confused, like here . Or here . Or here . Maybe these tweets were during one of these moments.

4. Does it really matter what a kid – who’s never gone to traditional school – thinks about traditional school? I can pass judgment all day long about the how climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro isn’t worth the effort, but considering climbing Mt. Auburn (in a car) is my greatest accomplishment, would you take my word for it?

5. Not going to school is a great choice - for someone who doesn’t need school to get a job.

6. He’s 15. We’ve already spent enough time on this.

-Let’s move on to something that makes a bit more sense. How nice is it to wake up to both Reds and Bengals wins? The MNF game last night is one Bengals of several years ago would not have won. They’ll need some momentum as the Packers come to town Sunday.

-Picture Day at my kids’ school (you know ... the one that’s brainwashing them) was yesterday, and my super-fancy younger daughter insisted that I fix her hair. That’s a difficult process when you work these hours, so I got the go-ahead to leave work for a bit to do her ‘do.

Now, I’ll admit, that’s a pretty bad excuse for missing work. But we’ve heard some doozies. Once, someone called in because there were bats in her chimney. Another time, “renegade cowboys” were chasing someone down the highway. I really wanted to know how she knew they were renegade.

Anyway, this started a Facebook conversation about the craziest reasons people use for missing work. Join in , why don’t ya? And like the new page while you’re there, if you don’t mind.

-By now you should know that I have a dream. A dream that one day, we will have a segment on the air called Keep It In Ya Pants. There are tons and tons of potential subjects – I just have to find a willing and unscrupulous boss who will let down his or her guard long enough to let me make such a poor decision. Until then, I’ll just share it with you.

Today’s nominee : the guy who got exactly what he asked for outside at a club in downtown Cincinnati.

Sir, on behalf of the Tri-State, keep it in ya pants.

From Today’s GMTS:

-Caffeinate, But Hydrate: The Good Morning Tri-State crew is pretty much evenly split between coffee drinkers, soda drinkers and others (your Red Bull, your hot tea, what have you). But we were all universally interested when we happened upon Avitae caffeinated water. See the results of our Try-It-Out Tuesday test here .

-Oui, Oui: Famed local restaurateur Jean-Robert de Cavel is at it again – opening another new restaurant downtown. This one’s called French Crust , and it’s open at 7 a.m. Now we’re talking.

Also, restaurateur is a weird word. Feels like there should be an “n” in there. That is all.

Today’s Distracting Link:

This is pretty darn great. It’s a one stop shop to delete yourself from various websites, from social to shopping sites. And the difficulty of actually removing your info is listed for each site:

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