GMTS Newsletter: Artist's Rendering

Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

We're about three centimeters away from the weekend, so let's keep this lively.

-In school, kids learn about community helpers – firefighters, police officers, mail carriers. Look at those last three job descriptions. You know you want to call them firemen, policemen and mailmen, because that's the way we learned it.

That's not the point, though. The point is for me to brag about my kid for a second.

My daughter drew this picture of her favorite community helper. A news anchor.


Hmm. She looks familiar, right – adorable helmet hair, neon pink sweater? I hate to break it to Adam Marshall, but that's me – doing a traffic report. (Note the traffic light in the monitor.)

Yes, a lovely artist's rendering that will grace my lovely cement gray cubicle. That'll bring some life to it.

-Have you seen the trailers for the movie "Trouble with the Curve?" I have. The thing is, I've seen two very, very different ones.

My tastes in TV range from light and fluffy in the daytime to sports and network comedies at night. It's equal parts HGTV, E!, TLC, ESPN, Fox Sports Ohio, Style, NBC and ABC. In fact, if I was stranded on a desert island, those are the only stations I'd take with me.

Anyway, I have seen "Trouble with the Curve" ads on both E! and ESPN, and they could not be more different. For a moment I wasn't even sure they were the same movie.

In the one I saw on E!, the ad focused on a smiling Amy Adams, who plays the daughter of a baseball scout, and a dashing Justin Timberlake, who's predictably shocked she knows anything about sports, and looked like a romantic drama.

On ESPN, it was an Aroldis Chapman fastball: straight and to the point. It's all about baseball, the relationship between a father and daughter, and his deteriorating health. No JT anywhere (and that, my friends, is an utter shame). There are a bunch of shots of real MLB stadiums, mentions of real MLB players (including Reds manager Dusty Baker), and general pandering to the male sports fans watching.

I must say, it's pretty smart: direct marketing to both women and men, both of whom might find it entertaining. It opens next weekend.

From Today's Show:

-Gotta Wait In Line: Apple started taking pre-orders for the iPhone5 this morning at 3 a.m., and within an hour, they were sold out. If you preorder now, you'll have to wait two week or more after next Friday's launch date to get your hands on one. So, you have a couple of options:

1) wait in line to buy one

2) realize it'll be the very same phone in two weeks, when no one is camping out overnight to be the first to have one

-Magic Number is 8: The Reds are on the road in Miami tonight, hoping to whittle that number down even further. The earliest they could clinch the Central is Tuesday – so we'll keep counting.

Today's Distracting Link:

Upside down dogs. Funnier than you think.

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