GMTS Newsletter 4/19/2012: The war on laundry

It's Lance,

There is an unending war at our house. It's our laundry.  Like hamsters and Easter candy, our laundry piles continue to multiply. By the time we have all of our laundry washed, folded and put away, we are well underway into a new basket of dirty laundry.

There are many reasons for this. With a 3-year-old child, we could do a load of just his stuff every few days.  I like to say that Benjamin came out dirty, and has stayed like that.  Add on my wife who works out every morning, and her sweaty stuff is another load or two. Then there are the towels. I have no idea how three people can use so many bath towels. 

I actually get the better part of the laundry task at our house.  I do the cleaning, while my wife does the folding. I will take that deal any day.  I lug it downstairs, she folds it upstairs. I am the brawn, she is the brain (and the beauty).

But now laundry is getting "fun." Tide's Pods have made detergent measurement idiot-proof (and this idiot needs all the help he can get it).  And like selling ice to the Eskimos, there are also now some "scent crystals" you can add to your laundry, if your detergent doesn't smell nice enough as is.  And now there is something else competing for your laundry dollar, "washing machine cleaner." That's right, a cleaning solution for your washing machine. How nasty must your washing machine be, to actually need to clean it out? What are people cleaning in them, roadkill pelts?

Have a great Thursday everyone. I'm headed home, yes, to do more laundry.

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