Getting hot in here: #9Fitness suggests 6 picks for turning up the heat on your indoor routine

CINCINNATI - Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s too cold. Maybe it’s too snowy or icy, as it’s been many times this winter.

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t have to halt your workout routine just because the weather prevents you from making it outside or to the gym.

Here are a few ways to stay in shape indoors.

TIP: You’ll want to shell out for a set of hand weights (a size you’recomfortable with) and a mat if you’re working out on a hard surface.

1. 30-day squat challengeGive it just 30 days, and you could have the toned tush and svelt legs you’ve always wanted. The 30-day squat challenge will have you feeling the burn for four weeks, when you’ll make it to 200 squats. 

2. The quickest slim-downBelieve it or not, you can slim down right in your living room. This fitness guide will show you some simple moves.

3. CrossFit at home . Interested in CrossFit but not brazen enough to join a CrossFit gym? No sweat: You can perform your own WOD (that’s "workout of the day," for you CrossFit newbies out there) in the comfort and privacy of your own home and still see results. 

4. Burn 500 calories in 45 minutes…at home!  Sounds like something you could only accomplish on a treadmill or in a circuit class, right? This workout is designed to burn maximum calories and can be done virtually anywhere.

5. 30-day beach body challengeWhile the 30-day squat challenge is geared toward those who want to focus on a particular trouble zone, this beach body workout will get your entire physique in tip-top bikini shape.

6. #9Fitness DVD pick. In February 2013, I broke down and purchased Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred DVD . It features three levels and her exclusive 3-2-1, strength-cardio-abs workout. I lost about 15 pounds, dropped nearly 2 pant sizes, and was able to build up my strength and stamina. This is my go-to workout DVD when I absolutely cannot get out of the house!

Take note: our #9Fitness Pinterest board is bursting with more workouts that will have you dripping in sweat but that much closer to your goal!

I gotta know: favorite indoor workouts? From crunch challenges to full-body workouts, I bet you have some good ones! Share 'em with me on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak .

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