Woman claims to lose 85 pounds on Starbucks diet

Everyone loves a cup of joe to get their morning started, but one woman claims a daily trip to Starbucks has contributed to her losing 85 pounds in two years.

It may sound hard to believe, especially for those of us who can't resist mocha cappuccinos or those tempting blueberry muffins. But 66-year-old Christine Hall says the global coffee mogul offers more than high-cal beverages and snacks.

As NBC News reports, Hall found she was able to control her weight by choosing healthy snacks simply based on Starbucks' food labels. She'd begin her day with a low-calorie meal, like oatmeal and black coffee, then move on to a panini for lunch.

"Losing weight is hard, but I realized I could do it. I found a system that worked," she said in a recent interview with NBC.

Hall says you have to look at options beyond the brownies, cookies and biscotti. She also used a calorie counting website to aid in her weight loss.

However, registered dietician Rebecca Scritchfield, doesn't recommend Hall's "Starbuck diet."

She told NBC, "What we know about diets is that they don't work in the long term."

"When you follow something that eliminates entire food groups or limits you to one particular restaurant, it's very difficult to be healthy and meet all of your nutrition needs," she added. She recommends consulting a doctor before you commit to a new diet.

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