wine me, dine me pick of the week: Hominy, really? 'Eminently munchable' bar food at The Eagle OTR

CINCINNATI - We are pleased to bring you this weekly feature from Julie Niesen Gosdin, the voice behind the food blog wine me, dine me . Julie serves up a "Pick of the Week," when she visits a local eatery and samples a signature menu item.

Fried chicken and country treats with swagger at The Eagle OTR

  • Where: 1342 Vine Street, OTR
  • Facebook Page
  • Food: Hominy
  • Price: $3

The Eagle, brought to you by the owners of Bakersfield, is known for its fried chicken (which is incredibly delicious), but my favorite parts of the menu are the small things.

This little cup, filled with deep-fried hominy dusted with a garlicky, spicy seasoning and topped with a squeeze of lime, is one of those eminently munchable, sit-and-watch-the-game-with-a-beer snacks that you'll fight over at the table.

Everyone I've introduced it to has said two things: "Hominy? Really?" and "Oh man. This is addictive." I like to think of them as the best, least processed Fritos ever. Grab some to snack on before your fried chicken (or pork sandwich... or kale salad) the next time you go

So many bars have snacks like peanuts or popcorn; this is a great twist on bar food.

Fun fact: Hominy is dried corn kernels that are soaked and cooked in an alkaline substance, like lime or wood ash. What's left? The soft, delicious insides that are most often ground up to make grits or masa, which is used to make tortillas. 


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