Wine me, dine me pick: Dutch's gift to summer is an insanely delicious, drippingly good 'haute' dog

CINCINNATI - We are pleased to bring you this weekly feature from Julie Niesen Gosdin, the voice behind the food blog wine me, dine me. Julie serves up a "Pick of the Week," when she visits a local eatery and samples a signature menu item.

The Kobe Dog at Dutch's Larder

  • Price: $10
  • Address: 3378 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati (Hyde Park)
  • Website  & Facebook

Dutch's started out as a walk-up beer store on Erie Avenue. When my now-husband used to live nearby, we'd grab beer from there regularly. This was before craft beer was as widespread as it is now, and Dutch's was one of the few places you could go to get great beer with knowledgeable service.

Fast forward a few years, and Dutch's now pairs beer (and wine) with meat. Sure, they do vegetables too, but Dutch's Larder (the larder, of course, being the name for the cool place you'd store meat prior to refrigeration) is known for its house-made charcuterie, Thursday burger night, and snack-able, shareable sandwiches.

This year, at both Bunbury and Buckle Up, Dutch's was present--and a hit. I got to try a menu staple of Dutch's – the Kobe Dog – for the first time on the slightly-less-chaotic Sunday of Buckle Up.

I was convinced this wasn't on their regular menu but, indeed, it is. What is it? Start off with an "haute dog" from Small River Farms, made of Kobe beef. Put that on a very high quality bun. Top it with caramelized red onions, house-made beer cheese, and if that isn't enough, a big, hot, griddled pile of Dutch's house-made pork belly pastrami. (Think: bacon, but with pastrami spices in the cure).

The result? An insane hot dog that can easily feed two, drips down your chin, and leaves you thinking about it for days. It's rustic and satisfying, familiar and yet a little bit different. Pair that with a beer (like Six Points Resin) and you have a meal that's amazing outdoors, but just as good inside at Dutch's bar.

Why this is a wine me, dine me pick of the week? It's July. It's hot dog weather. Why not kick it up a notch with a creative, satisfying interpretation of a bacon-cheese dog?


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