Tri-State Fish Fry Tour: Reeling in beer and dessert at the Knights of Columbus in Ludlow, Ky.

LUDLOW, Ky. - Each week throughout Lent we'll join contributor Paige Malott as she and her friends track their adventures in their Fish Fry passports . Along the way Paige will rate the offerings on a scale of one to five.

In considering which venues to visit, the Fish Fry finders look for the following information from a church or organization:

  • Detailed menu with types of fish, list of side dishes and beverages
  • Specialty dishes or themes that make a venue unique
  • Dessert: are there multiple sweets to choose from, like at a bake sale, or is just one item offered?
  • Is beer or wine available?
  • Location
  • Hours

Knights of Columbus: Ludlow, Ky.

On March 7, we followed the winding Route 8 to a quaint building on the edge of town.

Aside from a parking lot full of cars, not a soul was to be seen. Descending a set of stairs, we entered a recreation room overflowing with a feasting crowd and boisterous cheer. Arriving at the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry was reminiscent of the sitcom Cheers; although we were new, we were welcomed with open arms. By the end of the night, everyone eating at our cafeteria-style table knew each other by name.

Our Friday Fish Fry group, #FFFCincy, selected the location based on a vast assortment of menu items, the availability of beer, and because proceeds from the fish fry would be benefiting an organization that works with Habitat for Humanity and Special Olympics.

Plus, few of us were familiar with Knights of Columbus, so we were curious to check out their club.

There was a long line to order our meals which wrapped halfway around the room. Just like at restaurants, if there's a wait to eat, you know it must be good. As we stood 20 people deep, a jovial white-haired man strolled up to us carrying a pitcher of beer and cups.

"Would you like a free beer while you wait?"

Free beer? This fish fry was already coming in tops and we had yet to reach the food.

Since Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization, there is a bar built in to its rec room. Domestic beer was being served by the pint or by the pitcher. After our freebie, the line seemed to move much quicker. We even picked up an extra pitcher for our group.

We came for the fish, but the menu offered so much more. In addition to the traditional fried fish dinner, there was: Baked cod, steak and chicken dinners, sandwiches, fries, fried mushrooms, fried onion rings, coleslaw and macaroni n' cheese.

I opted for the beer-battered cod sandwich on rye, coleslaw, mac n' cheese, and fried mushrooms. 

The fish was flaky, fresh, and gigantic! Taking my first bite was a tasty challeng--even pressing the sandwich together. Fried to a crispy perfection, the beer batter brought out the best of this meal. The mac n' cheese and slaw were both above average, with the star of side dishes being the succulent fried mushrooms.

Of course, we must not forget the dessert table, led by the Knights of Columbus wives. The spread included six kinds of frosted cake, eight types of brownies, and countless cookies and pies. Our group selected several pieces to share. (See photo)

I sampled the apple pie, a Texas walnut pound cake, and an Orange Dreamcicle cake. All three were phenomenal. Baked just like your grandma made them, there were so many homemade sweets to choose from you might be buying a few just to bring home. The bake sale ladies came prepared with takeaway containers ready to go.

Go or no go?

With a hearty menu, pitchers of beer, excellent cod sandwich platters, and the largest selection of baked goods I've ever seen, Knights of Columbus ranked as a fabulous 4 out of 5 in our Fish Fry Passport making Ludlow a must-visit during Lent.

  • Address: 828 Elm Street, Ludlow, Ky. Telephone: (859) 261-2704
  • 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. every Friday during Lent.
  • Free parking, generous spaces.  
  • Check out the menu and prices
  • Cash only

(All photos by P. Malott)

With so many tasty options, check back every Thursday as I give the fin-side scoop on the seven Tri-State fish fries that got us hooked. What's your can't-miss Tri-State fish fry?

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