The Global Table: Travel to Hartwell for West African fare with a side of... Jamaican jerk chicken?

HARTWELL, Ohio - Our "Global Table" column explores the international side of Greater Cincinnati dining. Follow WCPO contributor, Grace Yek, as she talks to the chefs and owners of these dining spots about their food, culture and journey.

Hartwell is home to Teranga Restaurant, where the big flavors of West African cuisine are dished up every day. The food of countries like Mali, Gambia, Mauritania, and Senegal are represented here. The owner, Mor Diallo, who is from Senegal, puts dishes from his childhood on the menu.

Signature dishes

The menu is mostly in English, but the dishes are listed in Wolof, the native language of Senegal. The Grilled Lamb (dibi) and Grilled Fish (tilapia) seasoned with the chef’s secret spices are dependable crowd pleasers. You should know that dishes that use the "chef's special spices" are bound to include mustard with a kick of habanero pepper. 
  Maffé, a West African specialty, is a meat stew of creamy peanut butter and tomato sauce. Potatoes and carrot are served with the Lamb maffé, and okra and tomatoes complement the fish version. You'll find peanuts appearing in a number of places on the menu. They are a mainstay ingredient in Senegalese cooking, reflecting its importance as a crop in Senegal.

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