The Global Table: Diners savor northern Indian vegetarian dishes and sweets galore at Brij Mohan

CINCINNATI - Each Thursday, our "Global Table" column explores the international side of Greater Cincinnati dining. Follow WCPO contributor, Grace Yek, as she talks to the chefs and owners of these dining spots about their food, culture and journey to the Tri-State.

Indian food is not only curry and masala. As vegetarians, the owners of Brij Mohan take pride in serving up meatless delicacies and so many sweets, they're adding more room.

Running Brij Mohan is a family affair. The owners are Parmjit Gaba and his wife, Anita. They count on their family to keep the place humming.

"We kids have other jobs, but pitch in on the weekends," the couple's daughter Shivali Gaba said. 

Parmjit and Anita Gaba took a chance when they opened Brij Mohan in December 2005. As vegetarians, they understood that mainstream diners didn't exactly flock to vegetarian Indian restaurants on their night out. 

But Parmjit is no stranger to the restaurant trade, and he's certainly no ordinary cook. He has been in this business for more than 35 years. Originally from Punjab, Parmjit and his older brother, Sohan, started a tea shop in their teens to earn a living.

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