Old favorites, new flavors: Two lists to help you savor what's great about Taste of Cincinnati

CINCINNATI - Thousands of people. Tons of food (literally). New noshes to try and old favorites to find. Never fear! You can get the most bang for your buck at the Taste of Cincinnati, thanks to Julie Niesen Gosdin of the local food and dining blog wine me, dine me.

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Favorite Classics

What are my must-haves every year at Taste? There are some vendors who are at Taste every year and bring the same dishes--this isn't a bad thing! Here are a few of my favorites from years past.

1. Arloi Dee's Chicken Lettuce Wrap
2. Izzy's Potato Cake
3. Keystone Mac and Cheese (BB King, please)
4. Giminetti Caprese Salad
5. Mecklenberg Garden's Cream Puff
7. Via Vite Veal Ricotta Meatballs
8. Habanero Chips & Salsa
9. Down Under Funnel Cake

Must-Try New Items

There are always new vendors at Taste of Cincinnati! Here are a few on my must-try list. Several of these are available at the Taste Experience area, which features smaller, chef-driven restaurants that don't usually do Taste.

Also included are food trucks, which have their own Food Truck Alley like they did last year, but with many new additions!

1. Catch-a-Fire Pizza
2. Cupcake Crazy's Flying Pig Cake Balls
3. Curries' Vada Pav Bread with Garlic Spicy Dumplings
4. Jenny's Homemade Cookies-- White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia
5. Marty's Waffles
6. Panino Whole Hog Bologne
7. Les Chefs de Cuisine Papdi Chaat
8. Texas Joe Tex Mex
9. Local 127 Trout BLT

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