Kaze in Over-The-Rhine changing its menu, hours for the holidays

CINCINNATI – As winter approaches the Tri-State, a popular sushi joint and Japanese-inspired restaurant in Over-The-Rhine is aiming to keep holiday shoppers warm and fed.

Kaze, at 1400 Vine Street, announced Tuesday an expansion of its hours and a change to its menu for the holiday season to serve the burgeoning lunchtime crowds flocking to OTR.

Beginning at 11 a.m. on Black Friday, Kaze will introduce its lunch menu “designed to provide distraction from the winter cold…offering a lunchtime oasis for hungry shoppers.”

“The residents and business people in the downtown and OTR communities regularly emphasize shopping local,” said Kaze owner Jon Zipperstein. “We’re excited to be a part of their holiday experience.” 

The modified menu will have the restaurant’s most popular dishes, including chilled edamame, miso soup and California rolls. Some other menu items will be the Sashimi lunch (a selection of the chef’s freshest seafood and rice) and Kaze’s Bento Box (a serving of miso soup, a small Kaze salad and pieces of Kaze’s signature OTR Roll).

Lunch diners can also order a “mocktail,” which features mixtures of Kaze’s regular cocktails without alcohol.

Reservations can be made online at kazeotr.com or by calling 513-898-7991.

Below is a list of sample lunches and prices that will be offered by Kaze:

For a party of four:

To share: Chilled edamame ($4.00) and hummus ($5.00)

First person: ½ Ramen soup ($5.00) and a Kaze salad ($8.00)

First person total: $13.00

Second person: ½ Udon Soup ($4.00) and a full-sized OTR Roll ($13.00)

Second person total: $17.00

Third person: Fried rice with chicken ($11.00) and a California Roll ($7.00)

Third person total: $18.00

Fourth person: The Kaze Bento Box (½ OTR Roll, Miso soup, and a small Kaze salad)

Fourth person total: $23.00

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