In the kitchen with Josh House: Parkers Blue Ash Tavern chef found his calling at a pizzeria

BLUE ASH, Ohio - We invite you to dig into our column spotlighting different chefs from the Greater Cincinnati area. WCPO Contributor Grace Yek takes you into their kitchens and talks to them about their food. The chefs reveal their inspirations, philosophies, and provide a glimpse of their authentic selves.

Josh House can now look back and laugh at the time he sliced his thumb, and then tried to hide it from his cooking instructor. House had just started culinary school, and was sharpening his knife on a steel, when his wayward thumb got in the way of the implements. 

“The chef instructor started talking right about when I sliced myself. So I tucked my thumb in my hand and squeezed as hard as I could,” he recounted. 

House was all thumbs until the instructor finished talking--half an hour later.  He then went about cleaning his wound stealthily, but not so stealthily as to escape the patrolling eyes of his instructor. 

"He came over to look at me and shook his head. I’ll never forget that."

House has come a long way since then. Today, he is the General Manager and Executive Chef of Parkers Blue Ash Tavern. Born and raised in Miamisburg, Ohio, he first stepped foot in the kitchen when he was 15.

"I always wanted to work at Pappas' Pizza Palace because we'd go there after baseball one night a week," he recalled. He got a job as a pizza cook there, and immediately felt at home. 

WCPO Insiders can learn about House's cooking philosophy, see his list of kitchen essentials, and get his recipe for a favorite dish his cooks at home.

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