In the kitchen with Derek dos Anjos: From Ohio to Brazil to NYC and back, weighing in at The Anchor

CINCINNATI - We invite you to dig into our weekly column spotlighting different chefs from the Greater Cincinnati area. Each Sunday, WCPO Contributor Grace Yek takes you into their kitchens and talks to them about their food. The chefs reveal their inspirations, philosophies, and provide a glimpse of their authentic selves.  

Do you have to make it big in the Big Apple to cook up a successful career as a chef?

"You don't have any New York experience."  It was a dig that Derek dos Anjos got tired of hearing.

No one ever said the restaurant business was easy in New York. For dos Anjos, the chef and owner of The Anchor in Over-the-Rhine, he found out first-hand how tough it was for a Cincinnati cook to break into that scene.  

"They said I didn't have any New York experience, and they weren't going to hire me," dos Anjos recalled.

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