In the kitchen with Bhumin Desai: From Taco Bell worker to Jean Robert's Table chef-de-cuisine

CINCINNATI - We invite you to dig into our weekly column spotlighting different chefs from the Greater Cincinnati area. Each Sunday, WCPO Contributor Grace Yek takes you into their kitchens and talks to them about their food. The chefs reveal their inspirations, philosophies, and provide a glimpse of their authentic selves.  

Bhumin Desai has come a long way since the time he climbed onto the table to eat his birthday cake. He was young--very young--and was simply showing his love for food.  

"There's a picture of me, when I was two or three, eating cake on the table on my birthday," Desai said. "You can see this spread of food behind me."

It's no wonder Desai chose to be in the food industry. 

"Growing up, I was around food all the time. I loved eating food, so why not make it?" he said.

Make food, he did. Today the Gujarat, India native is the chef-de-cuisine at the iconic Jean-Robert's Table. When 

Desai and his family migrated to New Jersey in 1997, he brought the love and respect for old world cuisine with him.

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