In the kitchen with Andrew Mersmann: Armed with a Sharpie, La Poste chef cooks up art on a plate

CINCINNATI - We invite you to dig into our weekly column spotlighting different chefs from the Greater Cincinnati area. Each Sunday, WCPO Contributor Grace Yek takes you into their kitchens and talks to them about their food. The chefs reveal their inspirations, philosophies, and provide a glimpse of their authentic selves.   

With the Sharpie secured by his sweatband and a spoon hook tucked into his apron, the executive chef for both La Poste and Django Western Taco cooks up culinary magic.

It's been more than 12 years since Andrew Mersmann flew onto the restaurant scene as a "ninja." He was 17, and had taken the job of bus boy at, what was then Jean-Robert's premier restaurant, Pigall's.  

"As a bus boy, you're the ninja of the dining room. You get the job done but you're not supposed to be seen or heard," Mersmann said.

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