Happy Hour: Ever tried a Negroni? Belly up to the bar for this summer cocktail from wine me, dine me

CINCINNATI - We are pleased to bring you this feature from Julie Niesen Gosdin, the voice behind the food blog wine me, dine me. Julie will be serving up a great cocktail recipe the first Friday of each month. And, watch for her "wine me, dine me pick of the week," on Thursdays when she visits a local eatery and samples a signature menu item.

Every cocktail has a story, and the Negroni’s is that an Italian count wanted to strengthen his Americano (1 part Campari, one part sweet Vermouth, one part soda water) by replacing the soda water with gin.

It's not unpalatably bitter, but can take some getting used to. It lends an herbal note to the drinks, and balances well with the herbal gin and sweet vermouth. 

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