Global Table: House of Sun serves authentic Fujian, Tawainese cuisine & American-style Chinese food

SHARONVILLE, Ohio - Each Thursday, our "Global Table" column explores the international side of Greater Cincinnati dining. Follow WCPO contributor, Grace Yek, as she talks to the chefs and owners of these dining spots about their food, culture and journey to the Tri-State.

Diners can find authentic and American-style Chinese food at House of Sun in Sharonville, where dishes from Fujian and Taiwan are also on the menu.

Pull up a chair and take a bite of the fluffy, steamed pork bun. 

Savor breakfast specialties from Fujian and Taiwan every Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. But don't confuse this breakfast for its more famous Cantonese cousin, Dim Sum. This breakfast lineup is unmistakably Fujianese and Taiwanese.

You'll find an assortment of savory sesame shaobing (layered and baked flatbread), either plain, or stuffed with beef or egg. Another breakfast staple, yutiao (fried bread stick), is a delightfully airy, slightly crispy, yet chewy, long "doughnut," minus the sugar.  

Instead of coffee, wash these tasty bites down with hot soybean milk, served in a bowl--either sweetened or salted.

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