Cooking with Caitlin: You can transform crepes into a blintz bliss blitz for Easter

CINCINNATI - WCPO is pleased to welcome food blogger Caitlin MacEachen Steininger as a contributor. She has been tickling the food fancy of her family and friends since third grade. Check back each Monday for a new recipe!

Never mind the Easter Bunny: These homemade blintzes are the reason I am able to make it through 40 days of Lenten sacrifice.

For as long as I can remember, they have been the highlight of my family’s Easter morning menu. Served beside a pair of lamb chops hot off the grill, there’s not a tastier way to bless the spring holidays. Add them to your family’s celebration spread this weekend.

Start with five simple ingredients in your kitchen right now: eggs, milk, water, flour and butter.

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