Cooking with Caitlin: Waffles with pickled plums? Don't turn up your nose at this treat

CINCINNATI - WCPO is pleased to bring you food blogger Caitlin MacEachen Steininger as a contributor. She has been tickling the food fancy of her family and friends since third grade. Check back next Monday for a new recipe!

As if summer’s rainbow-splashed bounty is not enough, here’s another reason to head down to Findlay Market this week: Pickled Plum (Taste of Belgium) Waffle Sandwiches.

Make time to poke through the farmers’ super fresh offerings, or make a beeline to Daisy Mae’s Market stand for the perfect plums, herbs, and arugula.

Grab a sleeve of hot, just-pressed waffles from Taste of Belgium, and a wheel of brie from Gibbs on your way out. Everything else you need to make this melty masterpiece is in your pantry waiting for you.

WCPO Insiders get all the details on how to make this tasty treat that doubles as an excuse to visit Findlay Market.

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