Cooking with Caitlin: Try combining tzatziki and mushrooms for a summer twist on the classic gyro

CINCINNATI - WCPO is pleased to bring you food blogger Caitlin MacEachen Steininger, of Cooking with Caitlin, as a contributor. She has been tickling the food fancy of her family and friends since third grade. Check back next Monday for a new recipe!

I collect cucumbers from every market stand and am always looking for ways to play with the rest of the flavors. I start with the template below and go from there; slow-roasted garlic, parsley, green onions, chives, and caramelized, raw, and pickled red onions or shallots are easy and delicious additions or substitutions.

Almost every day of the week, then, I use my homemade tzatziki as the (sometimes secret) finishing touch to a variety of meals. It is the ultimate accompaniment to buffalo-flavored anything, and makes for a simple dip with crunchy crudité and toasted pita chips.

Tzatziki melts beautifully into a pound of hot orzo, ditalini, or penne that becomes a full-fledged pasta salad with handfuls of cubed cucumber and quartered cherry tomatoes thrown in as well. Tossed with boiled potatoes, or into a bowl of seasoned and grilled hunks of eggplant, zucchini, and squash, it is an easy roasted salad. And a drizzle over a spread of thickly sliced tomatoes and leafy greens is downright divine.

My favorite canvas for a schmear of tzatziki, however, taps into its very roots with a unique spin on a classic gyro sandwich. I swap mushrooms for the beef traditionally used in gyros, and bake them into small burgers for extra juicy, and especially nutritious results. Stuffed into a pita with fresh tomatoes and onion, the superfresh experience is completed with a healthy spoonful of tzatziki.

WCPO Insiders can get Caitlin's recipe for Gyro Burgers with Homemade Tzatziki.

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