Cooking with Caitlin: Go bananas on July Fourth with a tasty twist on a true American classic

CINCINNATI - In honor of this coming weekend’s star-spangled festivities, we present to you this tasty twist on a true American classic. Inspired by a good ol’ fashioned banana pudding recipe, it’s as fun as a run through a sprinkler to make – and the perfect reason to take a dip (into milk).

A blank canvas just dying to be decorated with red, white, and blue, we invite you to dredge the cookies in color like it’s your civic duty.

Gather your kiddos in the kitchen to stack, coat, and sprinkle these simple sandwiches. Then, present them most patriotically as an extra special breakfast before you head out for your neighborhood parade on the Fourth. Or, pull them out of the fridge as the sun sets and the fireworks start to heat up. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

God Bless America!


  • 1 box Nilla Wafers
  • 4 Bananas
  • 1 bag White Chocolate Chips
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon


  1. Empty the bag of white chocolate chips into the top of a double boiler. Bring to low heat and slowly begin melting the chocolate. Make sure to slowly melt your white chocolate. If it melts too quickly it will seize up into a crumbly texture and there is no saving it at this point. If this happens, just start over.
  2. Next, peel the bananas and slice into half-inch rounds.
  3. Sandwich the banana slices between 2 Nilla wafers. Repeat until all the banana slices or cookies are used.
  4. Once the chocolate has melted, stir in the cinnamon.
  5. Finally, pinching the centers of the cookies, roll the edges of the sandwiches in the white chocolate to completely cover the bananas.
  6. Place the dipped sandwiches on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Repeat until all of the cookies are dipped and then place in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens again. Serve cool.

Prep Time: 30 Minutes Yields: 2-3 Dozen

Tips + Tricks:

It is important to make sure all of the bananas are covered with white chocolate so that they don’t oxidize and brown. As long as they are covered with chocolate they will maintain their color.

If time is not on your side, pop the sandwiches into the freezer to harden the chocolate a little faster.

Save this recipe for the rest of your summer too. Choose decorations to match your kids’ swim team colors, a banana-lover’s birthday party, or the next Cincinnati Reds’ series at home.

(Photos by Cara Hummel Photography)

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