Cooking With Caitlin: Egg-cellent! 6 steps to a fried egg sandwich you can cook with your kids

CINCINNATI - Smack dab in the middle of summer vacation, I offer up to you a sneak peek into how I’ve been spending the break from school with my little guys: We’ve been cooking, of course!

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. Often we’ll play with new ingredients, different ethnic traditions, interesting flavors – and always it is just the best. I am resigned to the messes and the stains and, most importantly, I am heartened by how excited they are about food. It thrills me to watch them fall in love with cooking.

We make eggs the most because, well, we all agree that everything is better with an egg on top.  So, here I’ve pulled together my very best tips and tricks for you to make delicious eggs with your family too.

Over-Easy: Eggs so simple my five-year-old can make them

1. Start with good equipment. Make sure you have at least one non-stick pan without scratches, and a rubber spatula that won’t scratch its surface.

2. Don’t forget to grease the skillet. Even though you’re using a good non-stick pan, a little spray, butter, or oil goes a long way with eggs. They can be tricky to flip and this can make all the difference.

3. Crack your eggs carefully. Teach your kids to tap eggs on the counter, not the side of the pan. Show them how to hold an egg so it cracks in the center, and then how to poke their thumbs through to pull the egg apart. Give them a half dozen eggs to practice cracking into a mug or ramekin; if there are any shells, then, they may be removed easily before cooking them.

4. Keep your pan at medium heat. Too much heat can overcook an egg and burst the yolk, too little can leave you with an undercooked yolk even after extra time. Medium is just right.

5. Don't ever forget season your eggs. Your kids will have a blast sprinkling the salt and pepper, and it makes the eggs extra tasty.

6. Flip thoughtfully. No need to show off with dramatic toss-in-the-air attempts. Wait until the egg edges start to pull up from the pan. Then, wiggle your spatula underneath the egg to flip. Let the egg cook to your desired doneness.

Enjoy your expertly cooked eggs just as they are. Or, stack up sandwiches to order like we do. Together with your kids, make a spread of meats, cheeses, and veggies for a complete meal any day of this summer week.

(Photos by Cara Hummel Photography)

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