Best gyros in the Tri-State

CINCINNATI - Feta up with the same old food routine? Maybe it's time to switch it up with something Greece-ier.

Say, perhaps, a warm, flavorful, ever-so-satisfying gyro?

Here's's list of the best places to get a gyro in the Tri-State , as reviewed by you:

1. Sebastian's - They sell the amazing gyro meat alone, without the filling pita.

2. Demetrios - Gyro meat with a nice crispiness that adds great texture.

3. Marko's - Chicken and lamb are always marinated to perfection.

4. Greek to Me - Chicken Cordon Bleu gyros.

5. Chicago Gyros - Where you get everything but the kitchen sink on your gyro.

6. Aladdin Cafe - Huge sandwiches and side dishes loaded with tons of shaved lamb.

7. Diner On Elm - Extra tender meat shaved from the vertical spit.

8. Mediterranean Foods - Classic Morroccan dishes as well as a delicious lamb gyro.

9. Areti's - Huge gyros dolloped with tzatziki, under $5.


Read more Best of's from Yelp at .

What do you think of the list? Where's your favorite place to get a gyro? Let us know in the comment section below.

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