Fashion Friday: Think personal styling is just for celebs? Not so, says local fashion consultant

CINCINNATI - We’re less than a week away from the New Year, the time when we like to reflect on the previous 12 months and focus on positive changes for the next.

There’s always the traditional resolution of losing weight and feeling better, but what about dressing better?  That’s where local Marisa Gouda and Dressed Up + Down come in.

“Sometimes it can be hard to find and develop a personalized style,” Gouda said over a cup of coffee. “Whether a person, place or thing, we all project a brand and the impression we make on others people matters."

As a fellow fashion enthusiast, I couldn’t agree more.

Dressed Up + Down started because Gouda was repeatedly being asked for her opinion on clothing and fashion from woman and men of all ages. She saw the need and demand of individual personal styling. With a background in fashion blogging and a master's in communication, she took one step further to become a Certified Wardrobe Stylist.

Founded in January 2013, Dressed Up + Down is about to celebrate it's first anniversary.

So how does it work?

“People are constantly seeking out ways in which they can get the most of out of their wardrobe while staying true to their personal style identity," Gouda said. "I really saw the need for styling services that don’t just focus on a specific group of people, but to individuals. You often think of personal stylists as a service only celebrities and the wealthy, but I believe everyone can benefit from personal fashion advice every so often.”

Before getting started, Gouda looks into a new client's closet and asks a few questions.

"I want to know what they do for a living, what their lifestyle is like and how they’d describe their own personal style. From there, I work with what they have," she said.

Gouda pairs a client's existing accessories and clothes with new items--putting them together in ways they may not have thought of.

"Also, body shape plays a major role in styling and making sure clothing fits properly,” she said.

A brand new you, at work

You can also turn to Dressed Up + Down for business styling. With experience in branding, Marisa knows the image you portray and the identity you project has a major influence as a business. Having a specific identity for a business is very important; not just for current customers –but for your future customers as well.

“Being conscientious about image is a must, and thinking in terms of a of a strategic style identity is imperative,” Gouda said.

Dressed Up + Down also offers:

  • personalized cyber-shopping
  • pregnancy styling
  • styling for men

Perhaps an individual just needs help accessorizing. For smaller projects, Dressed Up + Down offers a la carte services.

Learn more about Dressed Up + Down

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