Fashion Friday: Man up! 9 tips to help guys organize their closets for spring and summer

CINCINNATI - You see a lot of closet organizing tips for women, such as where to store heels and how to hang silk blouses. But guys can benefit from having an organized closet, too. How else to find your favorite jeans or tie when time is of the essence?

There are some great organizing tools specifically for men that are affordable but can also keep everything in place and use your closet--big or small--to its fullest potential.

Tool time: 9 tips... just for men

1. It starts with the same principle I used in last week's closet tips for women : You need to take everything out. Also empty any dresser drawers that contain clothing or accessories--such as hats, ties and cuff links. Take note of what you have.

2. Create three separate piles and make sure everything goes into one of them. These piles can be items definitely worth keeping and items you’re on the fence about--meaning you could probably part with it, but are unsure. Lastly, there should be a pile for all the things you know you’ll never wear again that needs to be donated or consigned.

3. Once everything has a place in one of the three piles, go ahead and put the things you definitely want back into your closet, along with the clothing you’re not sure about.

4. One trick I’ve heard being used by professional organizers is the “reverse hanger” trick. It may be worth a try and as simple as switching the direction of the hanger. When you wear items over the next several months from your closet, hang those clothes back up as you normally would. This helps you clearly see what you’re wearing over the course. Anything with the hanger backwards months later should probably get the boot. Unless it’s not worn due to the season--that’s a different story.

5. Use products and tools to help stay organized. It’s a lot easier to keep a closet tidy when everything has it’s own designated place.

6. If your closet allows, add and extra clothing rod for maximum space, such as the one pictured above.

7. Store seasonable items elsewhere. Winter hats, trench coats, ski-wear or anything that takes up a significant amount of closet space can be stored under the bed or in another place so you don’t have the feeling of having a cluttered closet.

8. Use the proper hangers. Structured coats or suits that aren’t on proper “wide” hangers may become damaged over time if it’s hanging from a thin wire hanger. Dress pants can get creased if you opt not to use pant hangers. It may be worth the investment and help keep your clothes in the best shape over time.

9. Keeping accessories organized is just as important to ensure your closet stays clean and you know what you have. Below are some affordable yet handy organizers for manly accessories; depending on your lifestyle.

So many gadgets and storage tools!

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