Fashion Friday: BLOWN hopes to blow Cincinnati customers away with new blow dry hair 'studio'

MONTGOMERY, Ohio - Ever gotten your hair done at a blow dry studio?

While the concept isn't something new, it’s new to the Cincinnati area. BLOWN is set to open in Montgomery in just a few short weeks. Services range from blow outs to in-home services and bridal up-do’s. Co-founders Sarah Brown and Jayne Heekin are eager to bring the concept to Tri-State. 

So what's the difference between a blow dry studio and a salon?

“We’re a studio that specializes specifically in blow outs. We won’t offer cuts or coloring. Think of a blow dry studio similar to a nail salon; it’s a convenience factor. Clients can come in, choose one of our seven signature blow outs, and leave looking fabulous for several days."

BLOWN will offer seven styles:

  • Bold 
  • Calm
  • Vibrant
  • Free Spirit
  • Beautiful
  • Confident

Clients can also opt to add accents: braids and clip-in extensions are for sale at the studio.

Prices range from $40 for blow outs at the studio and up to $80 for a house call--when an expert stylist comes to you. BLOWN will offer a scalp massage for $10.

“One thing that will set us apart is that we’re providing excellent training and continuing education to our staff. In addition, the products and accessories at the studio are unique to Cincinnati," Brown said.

BLOWN is putting a lot of thought into the customer experience. After booking over the phone or online, the customer experience will look something like this, according to Brown:

"Upon arrival to their appointment, guests will be greeted, offered a beverage and introduced to their stylist. From there, the client will have a chance to look through the menu and the leather-bound look book with a variety of style inspiration. The stylist will then do a quick assessment of the guests hair length and texture to ensure the proper products and styling tools are used."

How did BLOWN come to be? The story is just as interesting as the concept:

Brown was in Phoenix for a 40th birthday party when the group went to a Blow Dry Studio. Intrigued by the concept, she went home, crunched some numbers, and shared her idea of opening the studio with everyone from friends to fellow business owners.

Heekin got word of the idea through her husband, who happens to share office space with Brown’s husband. Days later, Heekin and Brown joined forces, and BLOWN went from concept to the beginning stages of reality.

Training for the staff of twenty stylists is already underway, and the studio is set to open on May 27.

More about BLOWN:

  • Located in Kenwood City Place (next to Cooper’s Hawk Winery): 9823 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati
  • BLOWN is still hiring! Interested applicants should email

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