Do It Yourself Pinterest Fail? Yarn wrapped bottles

It's Mother's Day tomorrow, are you prepared?

If you haven't picked out a present (or forgot about the day altogether) don't fret!

In a Pinterest creation that touts both its simplicity and inexpensiveness, we've got you covered.

(And it just so happens to be something any mother would love).

The great idea: Create two or three colorful yarn wrapped bottles to use for decorative flower holders. What mother wouldn't smile at this handmade project?


  • glass bottles
  • colored yarn
  • glue

Cost: Glass bottles were on hand so colored yarn and glue? This should be cheap!


  • You can either take the paper off the bottles or leave it on, it doesn't really make a difference
  • Use whichever glue you like (I used Elmer's Rubber Cement)
  • Take the yarn of your choice and tightly wrap it around the bottle

Here's a quick video recap:

The Result

Cost: Less than $10! Thrilled to finally accomplish a project without spending a ton of cash.

Simplicity: Putting glue on bottles and twisting yarn around them has to be the easiest Pinterest creation yet. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the most difficult, I give this a whopping 1!

How'd it turn out?

It turned out great! I can't emphasize how easy this project was and how well the bottles turned out. I can't wait to give them to my mom!

My opinion: Try this project! Either for a Mother's Day present or just to spruce up your own home, it's well worth it for a cheap and easy colorful decoration!

Pinterest success or fail? Success!



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