Do It Yourself Pinterest Fail? Frame key holders

CINCINNATI -- Failing hurts. It hurts my inflated ego and hurts my over-enthusiastic spirit, especially when the projects I'm failing at are marketed as "easy do-it-yourself."

But fail I did. Twice. And if you're keeping count, that adds up to two fails and zero successes.

So I'll let you in on a secret: I Googled "easiest Pinterest projects possible" in order to restore faith.

What did I come up with? Frame key holders by Pinner The Purple Carrot.

The great idea: A super easy project that shouldn’t be time consuming and is built for success. The frame key holder is designed for people like me, who really need a win. It's a simple and decorative way to hang your keys so you don't lose them. Ahh, if only they made one of these for your mind.

Cost: Cost effective, as there are not many supplies needed


  • A frame (either one you can paint yourself or buy one that’s already painted)
  • A screwdriver
  • Screw hooks


  1. Take your frame and plan out where you’d like your hooks to be placed. I decided to use four hooks for my frame.
  2. Once decided, drill correct sized holes into the frame.
  3. After holes are drilled, screw in each hook, and you’re ready to mount on wall and hang keys!

Here’s a quick video recap of me trying to make the key holder:

The Result

Cost: The frame I bought was less than $5 at Michaels and I picked up a blue acrylic paint that I wanted to match the curtains in my kitchen. That only ran me about $4. I already owned a screwdriver so all I needed was screw hooks, which were $1 for a pack of six. WIN!

Simplicity: Instead of buying a frame that was ready to go, I decided to paint mine to make this project as difficult as possible. Other than that, it really was the most ridiculously easy and non time-consuming project I’ve done yet.

How’d it turn out? The color looks nice but I now wish I had bought an antique frame to use instead (just my personal preference). The screw hooks were successful but be careful not to split the wood, depending on the thickness of the frame. You can see here on the left is the Pinner's result, and on the right, is mine.

My opinion: If you have Pinterest failed and failed again, I recommend this project as a self-esteem booster! (And it looks pretty nice on the walls, too).

Pinterest success or fail? Success! 

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