Day three: 12 days of holiday kindness

9 random acts of holiday kindness

9 Acts of Random Holiday Kindness - December 16, 2013 

1.) Write a kind letter to your postal worker and leave it in your mailbox. 

2.) Scrape the snow or ice off of a few cars on the street next to you. 

3.) Walk a dog at your local animal shelter. 

4.) Tell someone looking for a parking spot to follow you as you walk to your car. 

5.) Give one compliment to everyone you see in a given day, 

6.) Buy gas for the person next to you at the pump. 

7.) Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line 

8.) Write and hand deliver holiday greeting cards to five neighbors. 

9.) Give some hats, scarves and mittens to homeless people on a cold night. 

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Is there a random act of kindness that you'd like to share? Comment below, on Facebook  or on Twitter using the hashtag #9RAK. 

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