Day seven: 12 days of holiday kindness

9 Random acts of kindness

9 Acts of Random Holiday Kindness - December 20, 2013 

1.) Wrap holiday presents for an elderly person. 

2.) Donate $1 for a cause the next time you're asked at the cash register. 

3.) Invite someone to lunch that you don't know very well. 

4.) Clean up cigarette butts on a dirty street. 

5.) Leave an encouraging note with candy on the windshield of a stranger's car. 

6.) Write a thank you note to a local police officer or firefighter. 

7.) Take an elderly person without transportation shopping for clothes or groceries. 

8.) Donate your favorite clothing item to a person who needs it more. 

9.) Bring in treats for your co-workers. 


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Is there a random act of kindness that you'd like to share? Comment below, on Facebook  or on Twitter using the hashtag #9RAK. 


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