Day 11: 12 days of holiday kindness

9 Random acts of kindness

9 Acts of Random Holiday Kindness - Dec. 24, 2013 

1.) Teach someone a new hobby. 

2.) Donate all of your canned food to a local food pantry.

3.)  Spend time working at a soup kitchen during a non-peak volunteer season. 

4.)  Pay a stranger's electric bill.

5.)  Leave flowers and a note on someone's doorstep who lives a few streets down from you. 

6.)  Buy a present for the cashier at the store, and give to him or her as you're checking out. 

7.) Drop off a roll of paper towels at your local animal shelter. 

8.) Share fresh produce with your neighbor. 

9.) Tip 100 percent to the next person you interact with in the service industry. 


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Is there a random act of kindness that you'd like to share? Comment below, on Facebook  or on Twitter using the hashtag #9RAK. 

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