Day 10: 12 days of holiday kindness

9 random acts of holiday kindness

9 Acts of Random Holiday Kindness - Dec. 23, 2013 

1.) Give a gift card to Santa at the mall instead of asking for a gift. 

2.) Volunteer to cover a co-worker's shift to give them the day or night off. 

3.) Bring coffee to three co-workers you don't typically communicate with. 

4.) Start a candy jar in your office. 

5.) Write a letter to a deployed soldier. 

6.) Make a surprise dinner for an elderly neighbor. 

7.) Volunteer to pet sit for free when someone you know is leaving town. 

8.) Start a fund to create a small scholarship for a student involved in a cause you're passionate about. 

9.) Leave your favorite book for someone with a note on the public transit seat. 


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Is there a random act of kindness that you'd like to share? Comment below, on Facebook  or on Twitter using the hashtag #9RAK. 

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