Coupled: Playing it too cool to care at first, local pair is now planning a big, fat Greek wedding

CINCINNATI - They are among the happiest milestones in our lives, so WCPO shares the joy of engagements, weddings and commitment ceremonies around the Tri-State.

Nicole Zois, daughter of Nick and Michelle Zois of Dayton, Oh., is engaged to be married to Nick Bikas, son of George and Anna Bikas of Cincinnati, on Saturday, November 22, 2014. Ms. Zois is a nanny and Mr. Bikas works as an IT Consultant for Clear Measures.

The pair met in high school through a mutual friend. Mr. Bikas attended the Cincinnati Greek Orthodox Church in Finneytown, and Ms. Zois attended the Greek Orthodox Church in Dayton. Each year, the two attended the Greek Orthodox Youth Association (Goya) basketball tournaments at both churches, and knew of each other from attending those events. One summer evening, a mutual friend of the couple asked if he could bring the groom-to-be to Ms. Zois’ parent’s house. The bride-to-be was instantly excited.

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