Coupled: Playing it too cool to care at first, local pair is now planning a big, fat Greek wedding

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Recently Engaged: Nick Bikas and Nicole Zois

When: November 22, 2014
Wedding: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Dayton
Reception: Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center, Dayton

Nicole Zois, daughter of Nick and Michelle Zois of Dayton, Oh., is engaged to be married to Nick Bikas, son of George and Anna Bikas of Cincinnati, on Saturday, November 22, 2014. Ms. Zois is a nanny and Mr. Bikas works as an IT Consultant for Clear Measures.

The pair met in high school through a mutual friend. Mr. Bikas attended the Cincinnati Greek Orthodox Church in Finneytown, and Ms. Zois attended the Greek Orthodox Church in Dayton. Each year, the two attended the Greek Orthodox Youth Association (Goya) basketball tournaments at both churches, and knew of each other from attending those events. One summer evening, a mutual friend of the couple asked if he could bring the groom-to-be to Ms. Zois’ parent’s house. The bride-to-be was instantly excited.

“I remember running up to my mom and saying, OMG! You will NEVER guess who is coming over. NICK! He’s so hot!”

Ms. Zois said she took extra time getting ready that evening, yet at the same time she wanted her groom-to-be to think she didn’t care. While her hair and makeup were impeccable, she opted for sweatpants to pull off the, ‘I’m too cool to care’ look.

However, Mr. Bikas had a hunch that she was as smitten as he was, although he was too cool to act on his feelings. Soon after this encounter, the two began exchanging messages online and, by 2008, they were officially coupled-up. 

Although the bride-to-be won’t admit to love at first sight, she said there was no doubt that her attraction to Mr. Bikas was electric. Mr. Bikas, on the other hand, had a different take on their introduction.

“I do remember the first time I saw her, there was an instant attraction and that, ‘I think I’m in love feeling,’ that all teenagers experience at one point in their lives. When we were finally introduced it always just worked.  It was always a bit more than a friendship, but that is what it truly started out as.”

The couple describes their relationship as the perfect mix of passion and friendship. Ms. Zois said that although she initially thought it was just a physical attraction, there was never a time her fiancé didn’t give her butterflies. The groom-to-be confirms the initial passion, but both say that after they began to get to know one another, something deeper than attraction began to grow: a mutual respect and a true and honest friendship. They both said that falling in love just seemed to happen. Neither was looking for it or expected it, it just evolved as their friendship grew. Nearly seven years later, that love grew into an unforgettable proposal on a romantic trip to Greece.

Of course, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. There are certainly a few pet peeves to balance the bliss.

HER: “I see clutter and dust and have a panic attack, while he could let his room turn into a war zone and it wouldn’t even phase him. When I find empty cardboard toilet paper rolls on his bathroom floor with a fresh roll sitting on top of the little metal holder, my blood starts to boil. When we’re at a restaurant I always rearrange the table to be organized and Nick will move the salt and pepper, and put straw wrappers everywhere just to annoy me!”

HIM: “I rarely make decisions based off emotion rather than logic. I swear that she does the exact opposite.

When it comes to the topic of being twin souls or complete opposites, the pair seemed to have a difference of opinion. While the bride-to-be feels they are a little bit of both, her groom feels they are definitely twin souls; seeing eye-to-eye on every important foundation of life.

Despite these issues, friends and family see them as the perfect couple; completely suited for one another and confident enough to allow one another breathe and have their own independence.

While the pair hopes to have many adventures in their new life together, they both see marriage as their greatest adventure. The two plan to stay in the Cincinnati area after they are married, that is of course unless they find themselves with that lucky lotto ticket, then perhaps it’s off to London.

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