Coupled: In a story straight from movies, awkward boy (now lawyer) gets beautiful girl (now doctor)

CINCINNATI - They are among the happiest milestones in our lives, so WCPO shares the joy of engagements, weddings and commitment ceremonies around the Tri-State.

Mona Mislankar, daughter of Datta and Praveena Mislankar of Appleton, Wisc., is engaged to Anand Patel, son of Dr. UK and Minaxi Patel of Cincinnati. Ms. Mislankar, 26, is a doctor and Mr. Patel, 28, is a lawyer.

The two met on campus at Ohio State University when Mr. Patel made a very deliberate, yet forgettable first move. Another chance meeting through a mutual friend at an Indian dance competition in Michigan finally sparked a flame.

Their relationship evolved from mutual respect and the groom-to-be's absolute adoration of Ms. Mislankar. He describes his bride-to-be as “the most beautiful girl” he’d ever seen.

He even claims that, much like the movie "Serendipity" in which Kate Beckinsale plays a character who is way out of John Cusack’s league, Ms. Mislanker floated above him in an almost untouchable category of perfection.

WCPO Insiders can read more about this couple's journey to their engagement. Plus, see their stunning engagement photo set against the Cincinnati skyline.

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