Coupled: For newly engaged pair, life's a beach and a faked seashell injury en route to a proposal

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Recently Engaged: John Healey and Melissa Wiesman
Wedding Date: October 11, 2014
Wedding Location: St. Martins of Tours, Cheviot
Reception Location: Savannah Center, West Chester

(Photo courtesy of the couple)

Melissa Wiesman, daughter of Russell and Sandy Wiesman of Bridgetown, Ohio, will be married to John Healey, son of Colleen Healey, also of Bridgetown, Ohio, on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Ms. Wiesman works as a physical therapist, Mr. Healey is an account manager at an IT database services firm.

The couple met in 2007 during their high school senior trip to Panama City, Fla. The bride-to-be said that although neither was looking for love at the time, and certainly not in that place, “When there’s a connection, it just happens.”

As the groom recalls, Ms. Wiesman was sitting on the beach and talking to a friend, when suddenly, like in one of those scenes from a movie, he noticed he and was drawn to her.

Mr. Healey said he knew he had to muster up the courage and speak to her. It was worth it.

“Even though we were complete strangers at that time, we sat and talked on the beach for hours.”

Who said, "I love you," first?

While both confirm that the initial attraction was mostly physical, they say it did not take long for that attraction to deepen and evolve into real love.

After only three weeks, was the first to seal the deal with an official, “I love you.” Jokingly, the bride-to-be said, “You could say he is a hopeless romantic or ‘stage five clinger.’”

Clinger or not, she followed his, “I love you” with her own shortly after.

The two describe their relationship as a combination of, “Excitement and a solid friendship,” and say that no matter what is on their daily to-do list, they always find a way to make it fun together.

She sells sea shells?

One gorgeous sunny day, the two found themselves on a vacation in Isle of Palms, SC with the groom-to-be’s family.

In an effort to have some privacy, Mr. Healey asked his bride-to-be to accompany him up the beach a ways to the aabana. It was there that his behavior became a bit odd. The bride said she looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong with you, we’re on vacation. Why are you acting so funny?”

She said between Mr. Healey’s odd behavior and the fact that he had just downed a drink; she had a feeling something was going on. The groom-to-be responded by saying he was hungry and that they should head back for food. It was on that return walk, that Mr. Healey faked a seashell injury, dropped to one knee and officially asked for her hand in marriage.

“All the random bystanders on the beach instantly stopped what they were doing,” said Ms. Wiesman, “They oohed-and awwed and started clapping!”

Of course no one present at the time was as surprised or bedazzled as the bride-to-be.

Passion and pet peeves

Like most couples, there’s a balance to the relationship. Each has certain things they adore about the other, as well as things that they find quite annoying.

“I love how incredibly intelligent and off-the-charts-outgoing Melissa is,” said Mr. Healy. “However, Melissa will get started on a small project (sewing, wedding trinkets, etc.) and it will consume every hour of free time she will have for a week or two.”

He jokingly added, “I’m also pretty sure Melissa loves her two young puppies more than me.”

As for Ms. Wiesman, she had this to say about her groom-to-be:

“I love how genuine and honest John is. He truly cares about others’ well being and has a heart of gold. Seeing how compassionate and patient he is with my nieces and nephews just melts my heart!”

On the flipside of that adoration, is this:

“It drives me absolutely bonkers that John is not a morning person and can sleep his weekends away!! I love waking up early and getting my day started early, him not so much…. It’s safe to say when we are married I’ll see him at lunch, not breakfast.”

To Mr. Healey’s comment about her puppies, she jokingly retorted: “Sorry, John. The puppies are pretty cute! How can you compete with two eight-pound fluff balls?”

Complementary couple

The pair says that family and friends describe them as soul mates and a fun-loving couple that is clearly and completely crazy for one another. While soul mates they might be, the bride says their personalities are very different.

“We are both very outgoing and like to have a fun time,” she said. “However, in our relationship we are total opposites, but complement each other. We bring out the best in each other and seem to bring strength to each other’s weaknesses.”

The couple says that they are looking forward to many things that their future holds. For starters, they cannot wait to go on their honeymoon in Saint Lucia. They added that the excitement is not just because it’s their honeymoon, but because despite their years together, it will be the first trip they have ever taken without family or friends.

While the two say they like to keep their options open for the future, for now, they plan to reside in the Cincinnati area after they are married.

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