Can you guess these famous pouts?

Pucker up!

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How much do you know about X's and O's?

One of the most sensual parts of the body? Pouty lips.

We've gathered some of the most iconic lips in Hollywood. Can you guess these famous pouts?

Who do these lips belong to?

A. Courtney Love
B. The Joker
C. Marilyn Mason

Answer: C: Marilyn Mason.

Nice lip liner!

 Who's lips do these belong to? 

A. Madonna
B. Amanda Seyfried
C. Cameron Diaz

Answer: B: Amanda Seyfried.

Those unforgettable dimples!

 Who's lips do these belong to?

A. Rose McGowan
B. Courtney Cox
C. Shannon Doherty

Answer: A. Rose McGowan.

Not exactly the same Rose we remember from Charmed.

Who's lips do these belong to?

A. Tom Hardy
B. Channing Tatum
C. Zac Efron

Answer: B. Channing Tatum.

Hello, Magic Mike!

Who's lips do these belong to?

A. Lisa Rinna
B. Kim Kardashian
C. Khloe Kardashian

Answer: B: Kim Kardashian

Kimmy, in London, post-baby.

Who's lips are these?

A. Ben Affleck
B. Jimmy Fallon
C. Chris Evans

Answer: C: Chris Evans

Hello, Captain America!

Who's lips do these belong to?

A. Anna Nicole Smith
B. Lindsey Lohan
C. Angelina Jolie

 Answer: C: Angelina Jolie

Our favorite pouty lips!

Who's lips are these?

A. David Beckham
B. Tom Hardy
C. Brad Pitt

Answer: B: Tom Hardy

Those lips and that English accent? Perfection.

Who's lips are these?

A. Lisa Marie Presely
B. Mandy Moore
C. Megan Fox

Answer: C: Megan Fox

Megan, glowing, during her pregnancy.

Who's lips are these?

A. Lisa Rinna
B. Kris Jenner
C. Chyna

Answer: A: Lisa Rinna

Those lips! We could recognize them anywhere!

Who's lips are these?

A. Pharrell
B. Usher
C. Brandon Philips

Answer: B: Usher

Who's lips are these?

A. Blake Shelton
B. Michael Douglass
C. Patrick Dempsey

Answer: C Patrick Dempsey



Who's lips are these?

A. Jack Black
B. Leonardo DiCaprio
C. Emile Hirsch

Answer: B: Leonardo DiCaprio

Thanks for playing! 

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