#9Fitness gift guide: The perfect presents for the fitness junkie (or fitness wannabe) on your list

CINCINNATI - What do you get that friend or family member who’s committed to getting or staying fit this season? #9Fitness rounded up a list of 9 gift ideas that are sure to make the workout aficionado in your life smile this season.

1. Touch-screen-friendly gloves. If you’ve ever tried to hit “next” on your smartphone with wool gloves, you know that it’s all but impossible. These “smart” gloves are warm, comfortable and convenient for those outdoor winter workouts; plus, you can find them at almost any store that sells workout gear. Price: $10-$60 

2. TapFit workout credits. TapFit , the local mobile fitness startup, is running a holiday promotion through Dec. 30. Get up to 50 percent off workout credits when you pre-load your account. Price: $50-$350

TapFit helps users find and buy fitness classes at gyms and studios close to you--right from your phone. Visit the site to select the plan option you think your friends and family would like!

3. Workout DVDs. Let’s be honest: it’s REALLY hard to find that motivation to get out of bed for a morning workout when you’re facing temperatures in teens and total darkness. So bring the workouts right into your friends’ living rooms with workout DVDs they’ll love. From yoga to Pilates to kickboxing to strength training to cardio to core work, the options are endless--and did we mention, pretty affordable? Price: $8-$90 

4. Fitness trackers. The price tag is heftier but, fitness trackers go a long way. Brands like Fitbit have become increasingly popular, as fitness junkies track fitness activity, eating plans, weight loss and even sleep patterns! Track your progress and online and share them with your friends to make working out even more social. Price: $60-$130

5. Yoga discounts. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Many studios and gyms offer specials and discounted packages around the holidays, meaning it’s the perfect time to give the gift of fit this season! Check out holiday deals at local studios. Call studios for prices

6. Socks (of the compression variety). We know, we know: It’s a cliché give socks as a Christmas present. But the runner in your life will definitely appreciate compression socks like these ! Price: $16-$75

7. A Naturebox subscription. You’ve probably heard a “Bacon of the Month” club. Well, Naturebox is kind of like that, save the bacon part. Each month, Naturebox delivers healthy snacks right to your door. This gift keeps on giving and is the perfect surprise for the fitness lovers. Price: $59.95 to $199.95

8. Workout-friendly headphones. If you’ve ever tried to do a high-intensity workout with those little earbuds, you know those suckers don’t always like to cooperate. A poorly-fitting set of earbuds can really bring a workout down! So Skullcandy rolled out the Chops Bud , with guaranteed secure fit and amazing sound quality. Price: $10-$23

9. Magazine subscription. Another gift that’s going to keep giving, a subscription to a health and fitness magazine will definitely be met with excitement!  Price: Check Amazon.com for holiday deals

Have a holiday fit gift idea you’d like to share with the 9 Fitness community? Share it with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #9Fitness. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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