8 ways to blast those abs! #9Fitness shares the top workouts to shape up your core

CINCINNATI - Ahh, the tummy. The most frustrating part of the body for many of us looking to shape and tone up. Luckily, we’ve found a few tried-and-true exercises that will help you target the tummy and get fit fast.

1. The ultimate ab workout . This series of tummy-targeting exercises will help you tone up fast when performed every other day.

2. At home CrossfitWhether you avoid or embrace Crossfit training, these moves are standard, quick, and will shape you in no time when repeated four to fives times a day.

3. Lose those love handlesReady to kiss those love handles goodbye? Try these moves for a workout that really counts!

4. 15 ways to banish belly fat  . This “Prevention” slideshow gives you some of the best ways to blast the fat fast!

5. Bodyweight training to blast those absTrainers like Jillian Michaels swear by bodyweight training; that is, using your own weight to tone up. Check out these easy moves that utilize your own weight and will help trim that tummy in no time.

6. Running to burn belly fatBelieve it or not, you can banish belly fat on your next jog. Follow these tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your run.

7. Fast belly blastThe brains behind the Insanity DVDs, Shaun T, shares these ab-sculpting moves that will have you feeling the burn but feeling great during your next workout.

8. 22 ways to tone your absNot a fan of crunches? Try these workouts to shed belly fat fast.


If you're frustrated by a flabby tummy, I feel ya - that's always been my trouble spot, so I'm on the hunt for the most effective ways to shred my middle. What are your go-to ab routines? Share 'em with me on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak .

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