Man who shot, killed dog cited with animal cruelty

WEST CHESTER, Ohio -- A man who shot and killed an American pit bull after he said it attacked his dog says he was cited with animal cruelty by the Butler County dog warden Thursday and is scheduled to be arraigned in October.

Monty Hagenschneider of West Chester reports he was in the backyard of his Fourth Street home barbecuing on Saturday when his beagle, Scout, was attacked by Harley the pit bull being walked by Shane Bishop.

"She's just screaming and screaming and screaming," Hagenschneider said. "And the pit bull just latched on, was not going to let go."

Bishop reportedly lost control of the dog that was on a retractable leash.

Hagenschneider said he wrestled Harley off of his dog before it was killed. Angered, Hagenschneider then went into his house, grabbed his Ruger handgun and came back outside where he fatally shot the pit bull in the head, he said.

"I came in, got my gun, came out. The dog was still in my yard, and I shot the dog one time in the head."

West Chester police did not arrest Hagenschneider in the incident. Scout survived the attack after receiving treatment.

Bishop left the scene and later returned to threaten Hagenschneider. That threat turned into a confrontation between neighbors that resulted in Bishop’s arrest for disorderly conduct. Bishop was in Butler County Jail on a $400 bond Monday.

Some neighbors sided with Hagenschneider, while others thought his actions extreme.

Barb Bryant said she could not believe the account given about Harley's actions.

"Harley's not that type of dog," Bryant said. "Harley would not hurt a flea. Harley -- I would trust him with my five-year-old."

Beyond the facts of the incident, Bryant said the whole situation has the neighborhood in chaos.

"My husband broke up a fight, was beat down to the ground. There was people throwing punches, beating their own siblings and their family members over this. I want to move very, very badly now. It's a shame you can't feel safe in your own neighborhood."

Hagenschneider said he only felt safe for one reason.

"The only thing protecting me right now is my weapons."

Hagenschneider is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 8.

9 On Your Side's Scott Wegener contributed to this report.

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