Julie Hautzenroeder sexual battery trial: 'They persisted and I said it was their fantasy'

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio – Julie Hautzenroeder, the former Colerain high school teacher accused of engaging in sex acts with two teenagers took the stand Wednesday and denied the claims made against her.

"One of the teens came up and started kissing me. I felt very uncomfortable. They persisted and said it was their fantasy," she said when asked about what happened in her home when a teenager appeared.

Hautzenroeder is charged with two acts of sexual battery involving two 16-year-old students at her Loveland home between April 26 and May 15 of 2013. She pleaded not guilty.

For two days, a jury heard testimony focusing on one evening at Hautzenroeder’s home.

On the first day the teens at the center of the case testified. Both described an evening of marijuana smoking, sex, alcohol and receiving text messages from the teacher.

"I thought it was cool to get with a teacher," one of the two teens told the jury when questioned by the prosecution.

Both students described a situation where they laid naked on either side of Hautzenroeder in her bedroom and received sexual favors from her.

"Julie rolled over to me and she started giving me oral sex," he said. "She said her house was like Vegas, what happens there stays there."

Hautzenroeder’s defense tried to paint both teenagers as drug users and liars during the first day of testimony.

Day two of the trial began with Northwest Local School District Superintendent Andrew Jackson.

"There were copies of text messages between Hautzenroeder and [student]," Jackson said. "There were texts suggesting drug use between Hautzenroeder and [student]."

Hautzenroeder worked for the Northwest Local School District since 2006.

After Jackson gave his testimony, prosecutors played portions of an interview police had with Hautzenroeder.

"We started talking," she said in the interview. "He began being flirtatious and I began being somewhat flirtatious and sarcastic."

On the tape and when she took the witness stand the biology teacher denied performing sex acts on the students despite the specific sounding texts referencing acts.

Hautzenroeder said she "never had sex with teens" and told them to sleep on the couch. She said one of them climbed on top of her during the night. She also said she never served them alcohol and they brought the marijuana.

Both the defense and prosecution rested at about 3 p.m. Wednesday. Closing arguments will begin Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in Hamilton County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court in Cincinnati.

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