Can you lose weight by freezing your fat?

CINCINNATI - What if you could get rid of that pesky pocket of fat that diet and exercise just won't remove?

Sound too good to be true? It may not be. 9 On Your Side anchor Tanya O'Rourke researched a procedure being touted as something that may one day replace liposuction altogether.

Monica Ahrens was tired of the pocket of fat on her abdomen.

"I've lost 15 pounds and still trying for more, but some pants wont fit because of my pooch," Ahrens said.

The idea of going under the knife was not an enticing idea for her.

"Nobody's cutting me, putting something under my skin, being rough," Ahrens said.

Instead, she opted to go to Sia Spa for something on top of the skin: cool sculpting.

"You're literally freezing fat," plastic surgeon Davinder Mangat said.

Mangat has been using cool sculpting for two years now.

"We've treated hundreds of patients and 98 percent of the patients are happy because they see the results," Mangat said.

Dr. Mangat says cool sculpting came to be because of popsicles. Doctors found that kids who stuck a Popsicle in their cheeks for long periods of time lost fat in that area. In other words, the cells froze, died and disappeared.

"There's an applicator that sucks the skin sort of gently sucks it into the applicator containing the fat and then there are cold waves that travel through the fat, cooling the fat, almost freezing the fat," Mangat said.

"Those cold waves literally kill fat cells but now, unlike liposuction, you don't have to suck out those dead fat cells. Your body just gets rid of them through the bloodstream."

The procedure only takes about 45 minutes in all.

"It just feels like pulling and tugging," Ahrens said. "It doesn't feel painful at all."

And while it's happening, you can read, or like Monica Ahrens, play on your phone.

"And when you are finished, you can get up and do whatever you want," She said.

Two treatments 30 days apart are suggested, and then it takes a few months for the dead cells to be absorbed by your blood and released from the body."

Doctor Mangat is quick to say this procedure is for pockets of fat, not for major weight loss.

But don't think after cool sculpting you can chow down on whatever you want.

"As long as you maintain your weight, it's never gonna come back," Mangat said. "It's gone for good."

Dr. Mangat says there are no negative long-term effects, in fact, "If anything, it's gonna have more and more applications," he said. "And I can see a day when this type of procedure makes the typical surgical liposuction a thing of the past."

9 On Your Side waited the three months to see if Monday Ahrens saw a difference in her appearance. She says she did, even though she admits she did not eat well or exercise.

The cost is not cheap: $2,300 for two treatments, which is significantly less expensive than liposuction.

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