Chinese choir sings at Montgomery church after phone call

MONTGOMERY, Ohio - Jim Sluka got the call on Thursday night.  A friend was asking if Sluka's church would be interested in having a Chinese choir come and  sing.

"I was really excited and I was asking my choir what they thought and they were all excited.  So all we had to do was talk to the pastor and when I talked to the pastor the next morning he said 'Let's do it, we'd love to have them,'" said Sluka, the Worship and Arts Director at Montgomery Assembly of God.

Sunday morning the Songsfly Girls' Chorus of Zhengzhou, China made its first trip to the church.  The young women waited around a short time and then it was their big debut.

"It was just refreshing to hear a youth choir sing that beautifully and so magnificently," said Sluka.

"I was blown away, even from the very first note," said Courtnell Francois.

Even though they could not understand the words they could feel the songs inside them.

"The passion and expression were very noticeable and I think the message, even without understanding the words, got across," said Francios.

You might think these young women might get nervous traveling across an ocean and then to sing on a world stage or even just a church.

When asked if they were nervous, Rena, a woman in the choir said "Nervous? No. No, I'm not nervous."

Lulu, another woman in the choir was a little more anxious.  She said "I'm kind of nervous."

And what do they think about Cincinnati when they're not singing?

Rena said, "Amazing!  This is our first time to America.  I thought Cincinnati is a beautiful scene.  And people here are very friendly, like our close friends."

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