Scott Mackintosh wears short-shorts to teach daughter a lesson

This dad can pull off Daisy Dukes like no other.

One Monday evening, after hearing his daughter refuse to change out of her skimpy wardrobe, Scott Mackintosh made a bold decision. He ran into his bedroom, found an old pair of jeans and cut them into the shortest-of-shorts to teach his daughter a lesson.

Mackintosh writes in his blog , "As we were driving and nearly to the Hibachi House restaurant, I heard a camera sound. I looked to see what had just happened at the same time that my wife was being addressed by my children saying; 'Why are you taking a picture of Dad?' Immediately my son said “Oh my gosh, look at dad!' My daughter then gave her disgusted look and said, 'Why are you dressed like that?' followed by 'Oh well, I don’t care.'"

If one public attempt at embarrassment didn't work, he'd try-try again. The family then went to mini-golf, followed by a stop to a local ice cream shop. 

"As I pulled into a stall, my daughter said, 'Uh, no! We are NOT going in!'" writes Mackintosh.

Mission accomplished. Mackintosh believes that, "the way we dress sends messages about us, and it influences the way we and others act." 

"Some may call me old fashion, but I call it “A Dad who loves his daughters” (and sons too) I know some of you may be rolling your eyes and that’s okay, my daughter does it all the time," says Mackintosh.

The Utah father of seven, Mackintosh believes in setting a proper example, even if it is "old-fashioned."

Way to go, dad!

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