Meteor shower will light night sky this weekend

CINCINNATI - As the high school football season comes to a close, people across the Tri-State might be looking for a different type of Friday night lights to fill their weekend.

Starting late Friday evening, the night sky will be lit up with the annual Leonid meteor shower. The celestial display will be visible to most people throughout the weekend, but the activity will peak before dawn on Saturday morning.

If you can find a clear, dark spot where the starry night sky is visible, you can expect to see as many as 15 to 20 shooting stars per hour, according to .

According to 9 News' weather forecast, the meteor shower should be visible for most of the weekend.

The Leonid meteor shower occurs each November as the Earth passes through a ring of debris left by the comet Tempel-Tuttle, according to the EarthSky website.

The number of visible shooting stars is determined by what part of the comet's orbit the Earth passes through during a given year. The path the Earth took in 1996 led to a meteor storm of up to 1,000 meteors per hour. The people at EarthSky don't expect there to be a Leonid meteor storm this year, however.

If you're unable able to make it to a picturesque outdoor setting at a timely hour, you can always view the meteor shower online.

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is broadcasting a live Ustream feed from a telescope turned to the skies over Huntsville, Ala. The feed will run through Tuesday.

If you have any great photos from the event, don't forget to email them to the webteam at .

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