Dad posts his daughter's over-the-top Christmas list online, goes viral

Whatever happened to Barbie Dolls and bicycles?

Drew Magary, writer for the website Deadspin, has shared his 7-year-old daughter's Christmas wish list, which he says is completely unreasonable.

Magary broke down the list item by item.

To his kid's request for "1,000 bucks," he wrote, "This is Christmas, not an Italian wedding."

The little girl is also hoping Santa will bring her "a black, light blue, green, purple, and pink North Faces." To that request the dad said, "FIVE North Face jackets, a hundred bucks each? Dream smaller."

"A little thing that can turn into anything at any time." That wish was crossed out and moved up on the list.

"As you can see, my kid bumped this item up on the list. Owning an imaginary object that can grant her God-like powers is now THIRD on her list, right behind the bead kit. Priorities," Margary wrote.

"A pet puppy. Border collie with a peace sign collar, and a leash." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ", he wrote.

Margary's snarky responses to his daughter's wish list appear to be filled with lots of love.

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