Congressman Steve Chabot's opponent pokes fun at his 'do, claims landslide win in 'hair poll'

Berns claims voters prefer his hair 10:1

An opponent of Congressman Steve Chabot is saying when it comes to hair, likely voters prefer his to Chabot's famous locks.

In a press release, Jim Berns, a Libertarian Congressional candidate in Chabot's 1st District, says in a recent poll of likely voters, they chose his haircut over Chabot's by a margin of 10 to one.

Berns says for the poll, voters were shown a photo of him and Chabot and asked which haircut they preferred.

In the release, Berns also gives credit to his barber and claims he is sending Chabot a gift certificate for a free haircut to the Finneytown Barber Shop, where his barber works.

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