787 Dreamliner: Is taking a ride on new aircraft really a big deal?

United Airlines recently became the first US carrier to fly Boeing's new 787, a plane so cool it has its own nickname: The Dreamliner.

If you have the chance to go on it, the first thing you'll notice is the 787 is all about light.  The windows are bigger and special LED cabin lights set the mood and, on long flights, adjust to the time of day.

The plane itself is also light. Fifty percent of the structure is made from lightweight composites. Plus, it's 20 percent more fuel efficient than similar sized airplanes, which means it's able to fly longer distances.  United will be using the 787 to fly from Denver to Tokyo.

In the cockpit, there's a heads-up display so the pilots can get flight data without looking at the instruments.

The seats aren't too different from what you'll find on similar airplanes, but the high ceilings and angled, large overhead compartments make the cabin feel more spacious, and it's definitely quieter.

Of course, regardless of the craft you fly, air travel can still be a headache. The 787 isn't magical. It's just a plane, but for now, it's a plane that people are excited to fly. 

Eventually, United's 787s will fly international routes, but, right now, you can catch them flying domestically. 

There are only a few 787s in service, so be sure to look at the aircraft type when you're booking your flight on United's website if you want your Dreamliner dream to become reality.

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