Looking back: 9 On Your Side team members share favorite moments of 2013

2013 is coming to a close, and it was full of some big moments that we won't soon forget. What were some of the 9 On Your Side team members' favorite moments of year? Read on to find out!

Steve Raleigh, Chief Meteorologist - I have two stories that will be quite memorable for me during 2013. The first is in the professional category: the tornadoes in Moore, OK.

CNN says' "A massive, howling tornado pulverized a vast swath of the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, chewing up homes and businesses and severely damaging a hospital and two elementary schools. The storm, rated an EF5* on the Enhanced Fujita scale, carved a trail as much as 1.3 miles wide and 17 miles long."

The second was more personal because I was downtown in Boston during the bombing of the Boston Marathon. While I was not at the marathon, I was only blocks away when we heard 'something' downtown when it happened.

CNN says: "Two bombs struck near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, killing three people and injuring dozens."

Holly Edgell, Community Editor – experiencing the Macy's Jazz Fest for the first time was pretty awesome.

Jenny Bak, Community Manager – 2013 was a big year for me. Turning 25, running my first 10k, traveling across the country, seeing my first Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field and attending some amazing concerts (like the Backstreet Boys, Mayday Parade and MGMT shows) are just a few moments I won't forget!

Max Alter, Web Editor – Breaking Bad.

Jane Andreasik, Editorial Assistant – personally, graduating college. But the best moment of the year was Eminem's comeback and the drop of his MMLP2 album.

Brooke Barron, Marketing Research Analyst – my favorite part of 2013 was when Nicki Minaj came out with her own clothing line. Also the Wiz Khalifa concert.

Sherry Hughes, Meteorologist – My favorite moment of 2013 was attending my nephew Avery Nwokike's high school graduation from the Academic Magnet School in Charleston, S.C., and sharing that special moment with my entire family. Avery received a full academic scholarship to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. It was quite a celebration and I was there!

Jennifer Moore, Producer – After earning my Master's degree in communication leadership and organization at the end of last year, I walked in my graduation this summer with all the pomp and circumstance—greatest feeling ever, especially since I worked while getting the degree.

Griffin Frank, Producer – 2013 was an exciting year for me! One of the highlights would be when I had the chance to visit New York City and go behind the scenes of "Good Morning America!" I will never forget those three hours; standing off to the side, watching as Robin and George delivered the top stories of the day. I'm friends on Twitter with Josh Elliot and Ginger Zee so it was a blast to meet them. 

Amy Roark Carty, Integrated Account Executive – Back in June, my 9 year old son Zach Carty, who plays knothole baseball for Pisgah Youth Organization, was up to bat in the semi-finals of the D-Senior District Tourney. They were playing the #1 seed Corpus Christi. Top of the 5 th, PYO down by two runs, bases loaded, 2 outs, Zach is up to bat, launches one to deep center field.  Zach hit a 3 run triple putting their team ahead by one run.  PYO shutdown Corpus in the bottom of the fifth to win 7-6, upsetting the #1 seed.  I was so happy for Zach and his team to have such an exciting moment like that one to remember.  The boys went on to win the District Championship beating both the #1 and #2 seeds in the tournament.

On 10/30/13, my 11 year old son Will Carty, who is a Boy Scout with West Chester Troop 940 in his first year, had to have a Scout Master conference to be able to advance rank.  This was a pretty big deal since he'd never participated in anything like this before. I sat quietly and listened while Will and his Scout Master, Paul Harper (9 On Your Side Creative Services Senior Promotions Producer) started the conference.  Paul asked Will everything from scouting to family to everyday life. I will tell you Will didn't answer everything perfectly, but as a parent, it was such a proud moment to listen to this grown up conversation Will was having with Mr. Harper. In the end he received his rank advancement to become a Tender Foot. Couldn't tell you what a Tender Foot does, but it was a really big deal to Will and a great memory for me.

Samantha Zellar, Assignment Editor – having this lil guy on April 12, 2013.


Mona Morrow, Community Affairs Director – My funniest moment of the year was watching the fake sign language interpreter in South Africa.  I still can't think about it without cracking up.   It is now a running joke in my family, especially since I took sign language in college and was pretty proficient.  

Melisse Marks, Creative Services Director – One of my favorite 2013 moments was the Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby concert at the Taft Theater! What a show!

Greg Noble, Web Editor – An

inspiring moment, if not the best: read the story here !

Judy Scheurer Evans, Account Executive – (9 On Your Side Vice President/General Manager) Jeff Brogan wearing a holiday turtleneck at the station's holiday potluck!

Tyson Thorp, Assignment Editor - The best moment of 2013: the Chicago Blackhawks win their second Stanley Cup in the past four years. 2nd best moment of 2013: my daughter's 1st birthday.

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