WCPO Documentary: Six young dancers spend months working to earn a job with Cincinnati Ballet

CINCINNATI -- Every year, the Cincinnati Ballet invites a handful of young, talented dancers from all over the country and beyond to train and work in its Second Company.

These dancers work for an entire season alongside seasoned professionals. The hours are long and grueling and the pay is a mere stipend—$50 a week.

But there's one potential ruby of a reward—an offer, after the season, to join the principal company.

In the exclusive documentary above, WCPO takes you inside this rarified world and follows the six Cincinnati Ballet Second Company dancers through the 2013-14 season as they chase their first jobs in professional ballet.

Read profiles of each of the dancers -- Milena Garcia, Justin Hughes, Samantha Nagy-Chow, Daniel Powers, Khris Santos and Hannah Strauch -- and watch the documentary as each chase their dream here. 

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